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Brandon Weiss, 14 year old male with an incomplete spinal cord injury

During May 2013 Brandon Weiss suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury during a surgery to correct scoliosis, a medical condition in which the spine is curved from side-to-side. Following this procedure Brandon slowly gained strength but even so his parents … Continue reading


Samantha Stiles benefits greatly from NCIM stem cell treatment

Samantha “Sammie” Stiles, age 3 at the time of her treatment for spina bifida on 7-4-2012 Little Samantha came to NCIM wearing braces and using crutches to get about which made it possible for her to walk albeit with great … Continue reading

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John P. Roberts: Another spinal cord injury turnaround

John P. Roberts, 54 year old male from the USA with spinal cord injury (Quadriplegic) John’s medical troubles began in 2010 with “feeling downright lousy”, the cause of which proved mystifying and hard-to-pinpoint for his regular doctors. After two months … Continue reading