Meet one of Nova Cells key behind-the-scenes experts

Nova Cells Institute is as much a family as anything else. Just ask the many mothers of children who have been treated by NCIM doctors! (This blog has many of their stories posted and links to their personal websites).

Of course, most of NCIM’s players are “unsung heroes” in the sense they work behind the scenes. The fact they do so doesn’t mean they avoid the limelight or are unworthy of it as nothing could be further from the truth. Most are just so busy they never even think about chiming in and sharing their story.  NCIM wants to remedy starting with our webmaster, Jim Haverlock.

So why should you care about a webmaster? Well, if you or someone you know is sick or struggling with a physical impediment, you actually should want to learn about Jim and maybe even contact him. Why so? Jim has been battling progressive multiple sclerosis for well over a decade. Among the many monkey wrenches he has thrown into the cogs of the disease machinery at work in his body which proved helpful is calcium ethanolamine phosphate (CaEAP) by intravenous drip (Dr. Hans Nieper’s clinic, Germany) and adult (nonembryonic) stem cells.

For those of you reading this who are in business for yourselves or who have relatives or friends who are, Jim might be of interest for another reason: He does computerized bookkeeping and taxes for many firms is very good at it, and has some wiggle room for taking on a few more new clients (Distance is no barrier!)

On the Web side of things, Jim loves helping make his e-commerce client businesses browser & revenue “super magnets” by creating attractive, easy to navigate websites for them or by revamping existing ones, as well as making them highly visible on the Internet (Easy to find and high up on search engine rankings and results). Those who act quickly can get in on a “try me us out” deal that includes almost $500.00 in free services. Click to learn more.

Jim can be reached by phone at 1-509-997-0204 or by email at



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