Wildfires raging near Twisp, Washington (#Twispfires) slowed but did not stop Nova Cell’s webmaster from working his web magic

Nova Cells webmaster, Jim Haverlock, lives in Twisp, Washington (#Twispfires) which is one of those fire-ravaged areas of the USA which has been the focus of coverage from just about every major TV network including CNN, ABC, CBS NBC, CBN and so forth. Even in the midst of power and Internet outages Jim kept up producing & posting animated videos for Nova Cells, not just because he is our webmaster but especially because he has benefited from our treatments and is fervent fan of them! Here is a video Jim created and posted yesterday (Saturday, 8-29-2015):

This link is to a blog entry on Jim which includes photos and videos of Twisp at a time when the fires came menacingly close to his home:  https://goo.gl/3epnjN

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