COMPARING: What sets Nova Cells apart from all other stem cell treatment programs


People often call Nova Cells wanting to know how its program stacks up against one they are either considering going to or else have actually booked an appointment with. This is actually easy because there is not a single stem cell operation in the entire world that possesses the unique, proprietary laboratory methods and procedures it has developed that enhance treatment effectiveness. Here in-a-nutshell is a list of the most important ones:

Nova Cells is the only facility in the world to possess and use the nontoxic (NCIM’s director of laboratory service’s invented it). The Beacon Factor:

beacon-factor-graphic-2017(1) It quickly increases blood flow through the patient’s body and combats inflammation.

For example: Many children with poor circulation and movement in their lower limbs have experienced the “pinking up” of cold, often oxygen starved (cyanotic) bluish tissue within hours of their treatment often followed by being able to move previously immobile toes, feet and even legs. Many parents with cell phones or video cameras in-hand have excitedly videotaped their children doing things with their bodies they previously could not do within hours of their NCIM treatment. Many of these videos or links to them are posted on this website at:

(2) It greatly increases or amplifies nerve signal transmission.

Virtually all NCIM patients who have nerve damage resulting from disease, injury or a medical condition report some improvement in the affected nerves after getting the Beacon Factor. Such gains in functioning have been documented in quadriplegics and paraplegics, as well as patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, and more

(3) It boosts the ‘digestive system’ inside cells, which then get busy digesting biological debris that often exist in diseased neurons and other cells (Autophagy enhancement).

stem cells from poweredtemplatesNova Cells uses stem cells from the umbilical cord & Wharton’s Jelly (and rarely from a patient’s own bone marrow), which is then primed in its laboratories using proprietary technology and given by intravenous drip (And rarely via a spinal tap/intrathecal infusion). Priming means the stem cells are programmed to become specific cells in the recipient’s body. For instance, in people with brain damage the stem cell would typically be primed to become neurons, glial cells and perhaps other cell types.

Nova Cells does not use stem cells from fat or fetuses (embryonic or fetal stem cells).

NOVA CELLS CANCER PROGRAMNova Cells treatment program for cancer involves the use of donor immune cells (granulocytes) from young people. Nova Cells possesses the knowhow and laboratory means to enhance the cancer-killing activity of these donor immune cells.

In addition to its unique, proprietary laboratory methods and procedures, the Nova Cells program proudly includes these features:  

■ It’s treatments are effective: NCIM’s use of primed adult (nonembryonic) stem cells along with its proprietary Beacon Factor has brought about swift neurologic improvements in not only adults but also in more than 95% of the children treated to-date.

Cutting a One Dollar Bill with a Scissors■ Affordability (aka value for money invested in care): Patients, parents and others never have to deal with middle men, brokers, professional marketers or the like when it comes to Nova Cells Institute Mexico. NCIM was founded, in fact, by a group of people who wanted to create a business entity that puts people above huge profit margins. The steadfast refusal of NCIM to retain brokers or other professional sales or marketing people coupled with its dogged pursuit of cost savings in its lab and among its contracted doctors clinics & hospitals has made it possible for NCIM to consistently offer its patients treatments that run well below market. In addition, 99% of NCIM neurologic treatments are done in a single day while some being done in Asia and elsewhere can take weeks on end to complete.

Abel at lab cabinetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA■ NCIM’s Personal Touch: Nova Cells Institute Mexico was founded and is staffed by caring people who have devoted their lives to relieving suffering and effecting healing. When people call or email Nova Cells they typically have their call or email answered by Grace Odgers, Ph.D. cand., who delights in fielding questions and “filling in the blanks”. When questions or issues are raised that require input from a doctor or scientist, Grace quickly obtains this and passes it along. As part of NCIM’s “personal touch” philosophy, Grace and biochemist and NCIM director of laboratory Services, Dr. Abel Pena, typically help out with getting NCIM patients and their family or caregivers to and from Mexico, and support them through every step of the treatment process while there. If you look closely at the many patient tendered articles on this website and on Facebook and other websites, you will often hear about how Grace and Dr. Abel “have became like family to us”.

And, unlike so many stem cell treatment programs, patients are not treated and turned loose. They invariably get follow-up emails and/or phone calls from NCIM staff especially Grace.

■ NCIM Goes the Extra Mile: Nova Cells Institute Mexico primed stem cells, Beacon Factor, donor granulocyte therapy (for cancer) and other treatments have proved to a healing Godsend to so many people in and of themselves. However, this is not all there is to it. NCIM affiliated doctors plus experts in therapeutic diet & nutrition, herbal medicine and more carefully review patient medical records and test results to determine what (if any) can be recommended that is likely to optimize healing and/or other aspects of the patient’s recovery and restoration, e.g., physical, cognitive, mood, etc. These are then passed on to the patient by NCIM doctors.

And, last but not least……

Nova Cells Institute Mexico offers free case evaluations which people can take advantage of by going to


Readers are also invited to download a FREE copy of “Heroic Medicine” which is chocked full of information on Nova Cells Institute and its many discoveries and clinical offerings:

blog-talk-radioOn Wednesday, 1-18-2017 Nova Cell’s (NCIM) patient educator & care coordinator, Grace Odgers, PhD cand., was interviewed by Denise Messenger on Blog Talk Radio concerning NCIMs unique stem cell medicine program. You can access an audio of this 42m31s minute interview by clicking the link below.


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