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New study underscores how messed up “garbage processing” in neurons causes major problems

NEW STUDY UNDERSCORES HOW MESSED UP “GARBAGE DISPOSAL” PROCESSING IN NEURONS CREATES BIG PROBLEMS: Breaking the brain’s garbage disposal (AUTOPHAGY): Study shows even a small problem causes big effects: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2016-01-brain-garbage-disposal-small-problem.html (1-26-2016)   Messed up cellular “garbage disposal system” found to … Continue reading

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Jane from the “Show Me” State of Missouri – Older lady with Parkinson’s disease & Lewy Body Dementia

Note by Nova Cell’s patient educator & care facilitator, Grace Odgers, Ph.D. cand., concerning Jane at the time she was picked up for transport to Mexico plus a brief summary of what took place after her Beacon Factor & stem … Continue reading

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