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Nontoxic Treatment Reversed End Stage Cirrhosis in Elderly Lady

Keyboard, Cirrhosis text and StethoscopeIn the late fall of 2017 88-year-old Miriam Rodriguez became a statistic when she joined 3.9 million other Americans diagnosed with liver disease (CDC Fastats). A teetotaler all her life who’d never had hepatitis. her doctors had no explanation for why she had cirrhosis of the liver. And because she did not get evaluated until she could no longer ignore glaring symptoms such as jaundice, itchy skin and a bloated belly, she found herself faced with a diagnosis of “end stage cirrhosis”.

The liver is an organ that can regenerate even when three quarters of it is diseased or removed. But when scar tissue replaces too much of a person’s healthy liver tissue there is not much doctors can do but perform a liver transplant. However, as Miriam was pushing 90 this was really not an option. With mere weeks left before she sank into a coma and then died, her MDs gave her family some home care guidelines, a prescription for lactulose to help flush out liver generated toxins that were clouding her mind, and told her children to consider putting her in a palliative care unit or hospice or at least to arrange for a registered nurse (RN) to come to her home each day to check on her condition.

Since medicine had nothing to offer her, Miriam turned to her daughter, who is Nova Cell Institute’s own patient educator & care coordinator, Grace Odgers (PhD candidate). Mrs. Rodriguez knew that Grace had seen many NCIM patients with incurable diseases such as end stage metastatic cancer go into complete remission and remain cancer free, and others with non-progressive neurological maladies like spina bifida begin to use limbs that had been useless since birth and to do things that their doctors had said they would never do.

Maybe the NCIM doctors and scientists would have something for her mother.

After speaking with several MDs, the consensus was that any treatment NCIM had to offer would basically be “too little too late”. However, they had a suggestion: contact NCIM’s consulting “human ideas machine”, biomedical theorist Dr. Anthony GDr AG Payne - May 2017. Payne (Photo on right). He had, after all, worked out NCIM’s very successful experimental cancer treatment method in which very aggressive cancer fighting immune cells from young people are given to advanced cancer patients, along with compounds that bring about the death of tumor cells without adversely affecting normal cells.

Payne, who talks a lot about the “elegance and beauty of the myriad biochemical and biophysical pathways in cells” and spends a lot of time figuring out novel ways to manipulate them to produce desired effects, was certainly no stranger to Grace. He and she not only spoke fairly often but he was also the Chair of her doctoral committee. She grabbed her cell phone and gave him a call.

After laying out her mother’s diagnosis and grim prognosis to Dr. Payne, he discussed some experimental work he did back in the 1990s in which a combination of specific nontoxic compounds from exotic fungi and other sources had reversed liver fibrosis in a lab setting and then had done so in people with cirrhosis who were part of a small independent medical study done overseas. The majority of the human patients had experienced a significant reversal of liver cirrhosis after 8-12 weeks on the treatment regimen. He promised to get Grace the exact treatment formula he had worked out to run by her mother’s doctors.

Since Miriam had little use for her “go home and die” American MDs, she asked that Payne’s brainchild be shared with NCIM’s medical experts. They studied it and found no reason why Miriam should not use it.

Once the ingredient cocktail was made up, Miriam began taking it. As she was often mentally confused and had loose bowels due to her use of lactulose, it became a chore for Grace and others in the family to make sure she took her “nondrug medication”. But, as days gave way to weeks Miriam began to show signs of improvement. After a little less than three months she was back on her feet doing housework and free of jaundice, mental confusion, abdominal bloating and all the other symptoms of cirrhosis.

A battery of medical tests to confirm the turnaround is being planned now according to Grace. She is quick to add, “But there is very little doubt but that my mother’s very advanced, terminal liver condition has been reversed. She will not need to go into a hospice or have a nurse provide palliative care as her US based doctors recommended. I actually suspect she will go on to outlive many of them”.

NCIM doctors are planning on using and evaluating Dr. Payne’s creation on other people with advanced and especially end stage cirrhosis starting in March or April of this year. Click to learn how to get a free medical evaluation or email NCInfodesk@gmail.com

The exact nature of Dr. Payne’s therapeutic handwork will be kept confidential by NCIM. Says Grace, “The great thing about the Nova Cells people is that they know how to keep trade secrets under wraps and never divulge details or pursue patents. They know all too well that publishing anything specific concerning an invention means that greedy individuals or firms will extract the technical details or run circles around patents and make their own versions of it, then charge patients a small fortune to get it in a clinical setting.”

Case-in-point: Nova Cells has kept its proprietary Beacon Factor from falling into the hands of outsiders for over four years. As is reflected in NCIM’s free e-book “Heroic Medicine” and on its website at www.novacellsinstitute.com, this unique nontoxic chemical compound helps stem cells home in on diseased or damaged tissues, boosts the healthy functioning of nerves, and has powerful circulation-enhancing and inflammation reducing properties.

In a rush to reach Nova Cells? Then grab your phone and call 1-562-916-3410.

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